Starting 2017 on a "High-Note"

by John Lorenzo Deputy Inspector


2017 is starting on a "high-note".

 Looks like 2017 is starting on a high for John Lorenzo Inspections! We just wrapped up a 3-day inspection job on a cell tower modification that involved torque testing bolts 60' up.

 The cell tower located in Simi Valley needed to be structurally upgraded in order to add additional transmitters to the top of it.

 The upgade consisted of adding a new #20 (2.5" diameter) Dywadig threaded rod to each side of the tower that was about 60' long. Each threaded rod was epoxy inserted into a 7' deep cored hole at the concrete base of the tower. The threaded rods were then attached to the tower using custom fabricated brackets spaced at 30" on center for the 60' height of each threaded rod. Each bracket had two 5/8" diameter "Lindapter Hollo-Bolts" (Wedge Anchors) that needed to be torque tested to 140 ft lbs.

 The crew from Finish Line Welding that did the install did a great job and said that they regularly do tower inspections and work where thy have to climb 300' - 500' up! (Of course everybody is tethered, but still........that's pretty crazy!)

Each 7' deep embedded rod took 15 tubes of Hilti Epoxy!

Beautifull day to be 60' in the air!

Of course the inspection of this job took place on a typically windy day in Simi Valley, but all of the bolts got torqued, and it was a great the view!