Deputy Epoxy Inspection FAQ's

by John Lorenzo Deputy Inspector

A Deputy Inspection / Special Inspection of Epoxy Bolt and Rebar Dowels requires the verification of the drilled hole’s depth and diameter, and also the cleanliness of the drilled hole prior to inserting any epoxy.


A few key things to remember when installing epoxy bolts or dowels - 

  • Always drill the hole at least ⅛” greater diameter than the diameter of the bolt or rebar dowel going into it.

  • The concrete dust made when drilling the hole must be blown / brushed out to make sure that there is a good bond between the epoxy and the concrete.

  • Check that the type of epoxy that you are using is what your project’s plans specifies, i.e. Simpson Set XP, Simpson Set ET, Hilti 150, Hilti 500, etc.

  • Check the expiration date of the epoxy. Generally, epoxy has about a 2 year shelf life before reaching the expiration date.

  • A Deputy / Special Inspector does not need to be on-site while you drill the holes, but will need to verify the above items prior to filling the holes with epoxy.

If you have any questions regarding Deputy Inspections for Epoxy, Concrete, Nailing, Shotcrete or Masonry, or would like to schedule a Special Inspection, feel free to call anytime!

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