Special Inspector, Deputy Inspector, Structural Observation. What's the difference?

by John Lorenzo Deputy Inspector

 There is a lot of confusion on who needs to do what type of inspection on jobs. 

 Basically there are three different types of building inspections that will be required on your job.

 Each inspection type is listed below and will hopefully clear things up a little bit.


              Deputy Inspector/Special Inspector –

 A Deputy Inspector and a Special Inspector are the same thing.  This type of inspection is required for the following items:

 Anytime reinforced concrete over 2500 psi is required and placed.

 Anytime you are using epoxy for either anchor bolts, hold downs, or rebar dowels.

 Shear wall nailing inspections when the nail spacing on the shear wall is 4 inches on center or closer.

 Shotcrete placement including verification of reinforcement prior to the placement of the shotcrete.

 Certain types of masonry construction when it is called out for on your plans. This may be either a periodic or a continuous inspection. This may be either a periodic or a continuous inspection. 

 There are a few other types of inspections when a deputy/special inspector is required, they include spray applied fireproofing, welding, and high-strength bolting.

                       Structural Observation 

 When a structural observation inspection is called out on your plans this is something that only can be done by the engineer or architect of record for the job. 

 A structural engineer or architect has a separate form that is different then a Deputy Inspection or Special Inspector form. A structural observation will be call out on your plans if required, with the boxes checked for what he needs to come out for.

                                         A City Inspection

In addition to any other inspections. A city inspector will need to sign off each step of construction before moving on to the next step. In addition, a city inspector will verify any deputy inspection requirements, or structural observation inspections have been met.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a deputy special inspection for epoxy bolts, or rebar dowels, concrete, shearwall nailing, masonry or more, feel free to call anytime!

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